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We create fully automated outreach systems that prospect, research, vet and communicate with key decision makers so you can drive more business and close more deals.
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Wyngman gives you the tools to grow your business and your brand like never before.
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Unmatched Customer Experiences Are The Way Forward.

If we can deliver results for them, imagine what we can do for your business.
Sales opportunities in 5 weeks
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From 0 to being rolled out to 100s of ecom stores
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Closed deals in 2 weeks
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Sales opportunities in 5 weeks
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From 0 to being rolled out to 100s of ecom stores
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Closed deals in 2 weeks
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Every Email, Text, DM and Video is an extension of your brand.

Your clients want to buy from you, they want to work with you. There’s simply so much noise in the market that they can’t find you.  

Now more than ever companies are looking for ways to create a more personal connection. Here’s the thing, people not only need that personal touch to find you through the noise, but they want it as well. 

Looking into the company, then the person you're contacting, and then making sure they’re your ideal customer is what people used to have to do before contacting prospects. 

I know, we were there also, our team spent over a decade hiring, training, and growing front end sales teams.

It took countless valuable hours away from other tasks that could otherwise be used to scale our front end sales which is why we plugged the right tools together to create a sales infrastructure that operates 24/7 - a Digital Sales Wyngman.

Wake up to messages & meetings with your ideal ICP

Without you lifting a finger, seriously.
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Real emails from our clients
Email sent to Brian, a client of Wyngman Agency, from a lead expressing interest in the GPS tracking solution and seeking further information.
Email received by Hustle Fund, a client of Wyngman Agency, complimenting their cold email and expressing interest in scheduling a chat for the following week.
Email received by Crumbl, a client of Wyngman Agency, expressing interest in learning more about their software and how it can benefit retention efforts.
Email received by Madison, a 
 successful client of wyngman from a lead expressing interest and requesting to book a demo call.
Email received by Samuel from Clmbr, a successful client of Wyngman Agency, from a lead expressing interest and requesting to book a call.

Here's Everything You Get

No BS. Let’s get you sales ASAP.

Fully customized outreach tech setup & management

Have your own 24/7 digital outreach specialist, sending personalized messages to drive the right business.

Audience Research and Precise Targeting

Understand your customers’ desires and behaviors to create messaging that drives action.

Strategic Data Gathering and Enrichment

Target the right people, outmaneuver competitors, and tailor your approach for maximum impact.

Campaign Optimization

Ensure high traffic flow and top-level brand representation.

Effective Copywriting

Convert casual browsers into loyal customers and drive sales with compelling messaging.

Secure Email Domain

Protect your main emails and domains while sending unlimited outreaches.

A Simple Breakdown Of How This Works

Straightforward steps to elevate your sales game and fill your pipeline with quality leads
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This might help.

First, we have a conversation to look at your current sales process and check if it's possible to replicate it with AI and our automation setup. If you don't have a reliant process in place, we'll see if we can create one.

If your process can be automated we discuss your ICP to gauge the success of this AI sales rep by double-checking the total addressable market (TAM), and run it against our KPIs.

Once the performance forecast fulfills the criteria we will build out the technical set up, including: email warmup, teaching AI to identify & qualify prospects, and maxing out sending capabilities. So you get at least 80%+ opening rates for your emails. After a 2 week warm-up phase your AI sales rep is ready to go.

While the technical setup is warming up we immerse ourselves in your core offer, your audience’s primary motivating pain, and any other relevant details. We use this information to transform your offer into an outbound optimized pitch that captures your ICPs attention and starts a conversation.

To fill your pipeline not just for a few weeks, but for months to come, we create captivating follow-up scripts, recycle prospects every few months from different angles and test new pitches. Your AI sales rep then pushes interested prospects and meetings directly into your CRM - 24/7, without coffee breaks.

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Ashish Walia, COO of Lawtrades
Chad Hamzeh, CEO of idEngine

Join satisfied clients experiencing quality leads

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New clients quickly like Innovade's 7 new clients in 10 weeks.
Enjoy consistent, valuable responses from prospects similar to idEngine's 5-8 weekly meetings.
Save time with AI-driven processes handling your outreach, as praised by Ponoko's CEO.
Generate significant business opportunities, like Ponoko’s 18 new leads in 4 weeks.
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If your industry has an email to contact, is in need of what you offer and is business to business in nature, it’s a likely yes. We’ll do a performance forecast to make sure the market is reachable and of the right size but there’s only one way to know for sure and that’s to do the thing.

The first 2-3 weeks will be a patience period. This is the foundation of all future campaigns so you want it to be done right. During this period we’ll be setting up your customized tech stack, creating new domains and warming up the necessary email accounts (the emails have a mandatory minimum warm up period of two weeks to insure deliverability). During this time we’ll be working with you on the messaging to make sure it resonates with your audience. Typically by the end of week 3 the campaigns will begin and we will ramp up as time goes on.